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Perry Vale Garage Conversion

The average Perry Vale home is rising in value and shrinking in size. You can drive up your home’s value while adding usable space by investing in garage conversion services.

Adapting your garage can add as much functionality as a full addition at only a fraction of the cost. In that sense, our company helps you save money and improve the overall quality of your life. Not to mention the quality of life for everyone sharing the living space.

The garage is one of the most underused yet flexible rooms in the home. It’s more often used to store boxes than it is to protect vehicles. In either scenario, our experts can help you make much better use of that ample space. They have adapted many garages in Perry Vale and surrounding areas. Whether you have a specific design in mind or need someone to guide you in the right direction, we are here.

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    Here are a few of the most common garage conversions our customers have requested:

    Home Gym

    Garage Conversion in Perry ValeMore people than ever are abandoning their gym memberships and bringing the workout home. But that means they need somewhere to put that heavy equipment. Converting an unused garage into a home gym is a great way to free up space without cutting into existing rooms.

    Extra Bedroom

    This is an excellent choice for Perry Vale homeowners who want to increase the value of their property. Converting a two-bedroom into a three-bedroom by adapting the garage is much more affordable than adding an extra room to the outside.

    Luxury Bathroom

    The average garage is larger than the average bathroom, but that shouldn’t stop you from considering the possibility. Converting a large area like a garage into a bathroom ensures room for multiple sinks, toilets, a bath, and a shower. This is also an excellent choice for more compact garage units.

    Home Cinema

    The gym isn’t the only service coming to the home. Going out to the movies can be a risky and tedious endeavour. But enjoying the latest blockbusters in the comfort of your home cinema is guaranteed to be exciting.

    All of these useful additions started as some type of garage unit. The types of units we work with most often include:

    1. Standalone Garage Units
    2. Single Garage
    3. Double Garage
    4. Internal Single Garage

    It doesn’t matter how big or small your garage is. It doesn’t matter if it’s attached to the house or separated by some distance. We have experience working with Perry Vale garages of all types.

    Will Converting A Garage Require Building Approval?

    Your conversion will likely require some form of approval. Our builders work with clients and local institutions to ensure that all projects adhere to local building regulations. This applies to all of the essential aspects of the build, such as fire safety and ventilation.

    Luckily, you don’t need to worry about debating with building control or trying to decipher local regulations. It’s our goal to make this project as easy on the homeowner as possible.

    There are some cases where no planning permission will be required. This applies to purely internal conversions that don’t affect plumbing or require any external additions. For example, converting a single garage into a home gym likely won’t need any additional permits. However, transforming it into a bathroom more likely will.

    We Can Insulate Your Garage

    Perry Vale Garage Conversion Building PlansOne of the biggest obstacles homeowners face with garage conversions is improper insulation. Most modern garages do not utilise any form of insulation in the walls or floors. This means that the room can become quite cold during the winter. That’s not ideal if you plan to use the space regularly.

    Installing proper floor insulation is a crucial aspect of any garage conversion. The average garage floor is slightly lower than the house floor. A few sub-flooring layers, insulation, and covering are enough to bring the garage level with the rest of the home.

    We always advise internal insulation methods for the walls. The most straightforward technique is to install insulated plasterboard throughout the entire unit. It slightly reduces the usable space inside the garage, but the added comfort is worth the sacrifice.

    Roof installation is the final consideration, and the ideal approach will vary according to your roof’s shape and style. A standard pitched roof benefits most from glass fibre quilt insulation. Meanwhile, a flat roof would better benefit from rigid insulation boards.

    Add Space And Value To Your Home

    Many Perry Vale homeowners see returns between 10 and 20 percent when selling their home with a garage conversion. According to some sources, that’s an average value above £47000. But not every garage conversion needs to be such a large project. Small conversions and renovations can still add significant value and functionality to the home.

    If you have a growing family, then the amount of usable space in your home might be even more important than its value. It isn’t easy to put a price on having that extra bedroom for the new kid or that new office for the stay-at-home dad. Stop letting your garage space go to waste when we can help you turn it into something fun, valuable, and useful for the entire family.

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