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Loughborough Junction Loft Conversion

Space is a valuable commodity in Loughborough Junction. Most homeowners are enthusiastic about the idea of adding usable space to their home but are hesitant to make such a significant investment.

Adding to your home’s exterior is expensive and may not even be allowed in certain urban areas. So how are homeowners supposed to add usable space to their home without increasing the building’s actual footprint? The answer is a loft conversion.

A loft conversion is an affordable and efficient way to increase the amount of usable square footage in your home without requiring any external additions. That means there are significantly fewer materials required, rarely the need for building permits, and the entire project can be finished in a shortened time frame.

You’ll have even fewer obstacles if you choose to work with our loft conversion company. Decades of cumulative experience allows us to plan and budget conversions with high accuracy. We handle all of the legal obstacles on your behalf, such as obtaining necessary permits. And this all means that we can finish the job faster and better than any of our local competitors.

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    If you’re interested in investing in your Loughborough Junction home and making it the best it can be, then a loft conversion should be a serious consideration. Here are a few of its significant benefits:

    Improved Energy Efficiency

    Loft Conversion in Loughborough JunctionWhen it comes to wasted energy in the home, the loft is considered the worst. A considerable amount of heat is lost through the loft and roof due to a lack of proper insulation. The energy loss is even greater in older homes. One study suggests that 25 per cent of the boiler’s heat will be lost through the roof.

    The most obvious solution is to install insulation in the loft. Luckily, that is often one of the first steps when undertaking a loft conversion. Whether you want the space to become a bedroom, a home office, or even a gym, you’ll want the new space to be correctly insulated to help maintain a comfortable temperature. That insulation has the added benefit of conserving heat and energy for the entire home.

    Boost Home Value

    We’ve already mentioned what a valuable commodity space is to a Loughborough Junction homeowner. It turns out that that value is real and measurable. Loft conversions are among the first major renovations homeowners invest in because they are capable of such a high return on investment(ROI).

    The ROI for loft conversions is so impressive because you are working within the home’s existing space. Many of the materials required for the new room are already present. There’s no need to build new floors, walls, or a ceiling. An empty loft is already a valuable asset, but converting that space into a usable bedroom can boost a home’s value by as much as 7 percent.

    High Creative Potential

    If you consider yourself a creative type, then a loft can be viewed as a blank canvas. It is an empty room that can be converted into just about any purpose you desire. Are you interested in a private bathroom upstairs? Maybe you want a playroom for the kids. Or is it time to finally build that home office and start your new business? We can help any of these possibilities become a reality with our loft conversion services.

    Ease Of Development

    Loft conversions have substantial advantages over traditional home additions. Some of those advantages have already been discussed. An advantage that is often overlooked is how easy it is to build a loft conversion compared to a traditional addition. Not only in terms of work and resources but when considering legal hurdles as well.

    Most loft conversions fall into a category known as Permitted Development Rights(PDR). A homeowner can complete a PDR home renovation without requesting building or planning permission. However, the conversion will need to follow specific regulations to stick within the PDR category.

    Avoiding permits can easily save you weeks of work and hundreds of pounds in fees. It’s the reason why a loft conversion can be completed within the week while a new addition can take longer than a month. If you’re interested in a fast and meaningful renovation, then a loft conversion is the best option.

    Things To Consider

    Loughborough Junction New Loft ConversionA loft conversion is almost always a great idea, but some specific situations may not be the best choice. If you are unsure whether your loft is suitable for conversion, then we advise you to contact our office and speak to one of our many experts. Here are some of the factors to consider when deciding whether to convert your loft:

    Head Height

    You will need at least 2.2 meters of space between the top of the ceiling joist and the lower ridge timber. There are some workarounds if you fall short of this length, but they are considerably more expensive.

    Roof Pitch

    Traditional and trussed roofs can be converted, but it is easier to work with a traditional pitch. A loft with a trussed roof will require additional beams between loadbearing walls.

    Trust The Right Company For The Job

    A home is a significant investment. Every renovation should be handled with care by the best team available. When it comes to loft conversions, our experts are the best in the Loughborough Junction area. Contact us today to discuss your options.

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